Vol (14), Issue (1), 2021

The Effect of Key Demographic Diversity Characteristics on Individual Action propensity in Determining Job Stress in Public Sector Hospitals of Lahore

Basharat Raza, Alia Ahmed and Muhammad Ali

National College of Business Administration & Economics, Lahore

University of the Punjab, Lahore

A recently appeared continuum 'individual action propensity' that ranges from thinking beforeacting to acting before thinking has been identified to help understand, how individuals differ intheir approaches towards problems, particularly in situations where they lack knowledge and/orexperience. This study has explored and examined this construct in light of key demographicdiversity characteristics and has further studied its relationship with employee job stress. The resultsare based on a survey conducted on the 290 doctors and nurses through purposive sampling. Thestructural equation modelling (SEM) technique has been used, the results indicate that individualaction propensity is higher in women and decreases with higher formal education. Besides,individual action propensity has been found to be positively associated with job stress. The studyalso discusses practical and theoretical contributions; limitations and future directions
Keywords: Individual action propensity, job stress, individual characteristics, regulatory modetheory, demographic diversity at workplace




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