Vol (14), Issue (2), 2021.

Workplace Deviance - A Move Towards the Social Constructivist Perspective

Mamoona Arshad and Muhammad Abdur Rahman Malik

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

The present systematic literature review aims to present the ontology of workplace deviance. For this purpose, a review on the field of workplace deviance was conducted from the years 1983-2019. The screening of the articles resulted in 75 studies. The results are separated into four clusters including; drivers, outcomes, mediators, and moderators. These clusters provide understanding on the workplace deviance typology given by Robinson and Bennett. The results suggest the need to offer new insights into the social constructivist lens to advance the literature in future. Lastly, some of the potential future directions are discussed in the article.
Keywords: Workplace deviance, organizational deviance, interpersonal deviance, social constructivist perspective, systematic literature review.




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