Vol (14), Issue (2), 2021.

Why Is Technopreneurship Developing Slowly in Pakistan?

Yashfeen Qasim and Zulaikha Mahmood

Institute of Administrative Sciences, University of the Punjab

Technopreneurship is a budding concept in Pakistan. This concept is gaining importance due to the high rate of unemployment in developing countries and increasing socio-economic pressures. Pakistan is also working to raise awareness regarding technopreneurship in the country but there are still some loopholes hindering the development. This study has been conducted to identify the reasons for slow development of technopreneurship in Pakistan. For this purpose, 15 semi-structured interviews were conducted with technopreneurs and their perspectives and responses are classified into three themes of the study that portrays an in-depth explanation of low penetration of technopreneurship in Pakistan. The findings of the study revealed that the curriculum, syllabi, educational policies and teaching methods are not upgraded which fails to play a positive role in the development of technopreneurship. Moreover, governmental leadership and governance are ineffective to strategize in motivating and guiding people to become successful technopreneurs. Findings have also shown that the society and culture of Pakistan is not very conducive to welcome people to go out of the box and start their own business. Parents do not want their kids to take risks and adopt technopreneurship as a career field. The findings point towards the unhealthy cultural and social complexities for technopreneurship in Pakistan that overarch with the anthropological entrepreneurship theory to explain why technopreneurhsip is not developing at a fast pace.
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Technopreneurship, Venture, Business, Educational Institutions, Government, Society.




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