Vol (14), Issue (2), 2021.

Job Satisfaction of University Teachers of Different Personality Traits during Covid-19: Role of Job Crafting as a Mediator

Shoaib Irshad and Muhammad Waqas Raja

Iqra University, Islamabad Campus

Like many other professionals, the University teachers in the country assumed that change of the mode of work due to the lock down sessions of Covid 19 pandemic. The need to move online from physical on-campus teaching added to the challenges of university teachers trying to balance job requirements, teaching preparations, research and professional training commitments. Describing the situation, this study is an attempt to show the positive impact of Job Crafting as a mediator between job satisfaction and employees' personality traits. The body of literature on Job Crafting shows that limited research on the role of job crafting as a mediator between employees' personality and job satisfaction. Therefore, this quantitative survey questionnaire-based study has explored this research niche by reporting findings of the data collected from 528 University teachers. The study supports university teachers' interventions in crafting jobs during Covid 19 lockdown to attain job satisfaction. Job Crafting positively mediates the selected Big Five Personality traits and Job Satisfaction. It shows that the university teachers showed positive behavior of Job Crafting during the Covid 19 lockdown to attain Job Satisfaction.
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Job Crafting, Personality Traits, Covid 19, University Teacher




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