Vol (14), Issue (2), 2021

The Philosophical Theories of Utilitarian Ethics and Deontology on the Regulation of Insider Dealing in The United Kingdom

M. Martin, J. Swift, M. Shadman Pajouh and Syed Hamza Farooq

Teesside University, UK

University of Sannio, Italy

This paper applies the philosophical theories of Utilitarian Ethics and Deontology in seeking to better understand the regulation of insider dealing in the United Kingdom and if the approach to such regulation should be reconsidered. Though evolved over a long time, there is a striking difference in UK and USA insider regulations. The paper has presented a meticulous analysis and critique of the philosophical theories which can directly relate to insider dealing, understand its regulation and the positive and negative aspects of its practice from an ethical perspective.
Keywords: Utilitarian Ethics, Insider Dealing, United Kingdom




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