Vol (15), Issue (1), 2022

Antecedents of Impulsive Buying Behavior through M-commerce in the Textile Sector of Pakistan

Asma Basit, Iqra Khalid, Lubna Maroof

Bahria University, Islamabad

This research aims to capture the essence of the customer urge of impulsivity in their buying behavior in mobile commerce (m-commerce) in the textile sector of Pakistan affected by the perceived utilitarian values (PUV) and perceived hedonic values (PHV). By taking the socio-cultural influence, in fostering excessive consumption habits, as a moderator the study tests its impact on the relationship between the consumers' perceived value and their IBB. Using the survey method, data is collected through a questionnaire in twin cities of Pakistan (n = 335). The results show that environmental stimuli significantly influence consumer perceived values (i.e., perceived utilitarian value and perceived hedonic value), and the consumers' perception of hedonic value significantly and directly impacts their IBB. In addition, the interaction effect of perceived hedonic value and socio-cultural influence significantly affects IBB. The findings provide valuable guidance for m-commerce retailers on enhancing their profits through consumer impulsive buying.
Keywords: Impulsive buying, hedonic value, utilitarian value, socio-cultural influences, M-Commerce, Smart PLS, Survey





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