Vol (15), Issue (2), 2022

Emotional Intelligence and Project Success with Mediating Effect of Transformational Leadership in Construction Sector Projects in Pakistan

Bilal Khan, Naveed

Qurtuba University of Science and Technology, Peshawar

The number of complex projects is increasing across many sectors and the associated challenges aresubstantial. Using a field study, the present dissertation aims to understand how project managers'emotional intelligence (EI) contributes to project success. Further, the study proposes and tests a modellinking EI to project success and examines the mediating effects of project managers' transformationalleadership style on this relationship. To achieve the objectives of the study data were collected throughself-administered questionnaires from a sample of 218 project managers and project employees. Thedescriptive stats and partial least square structural equation model were applied through SPSS andSmartPLS for data analysis. The results of the study revealed that the emotional intelligence of projectmanagers has a significant and positive effect on project success of construction projects. Furthermore,the study found evidence that the transformational leadership style mediates the relationship between EIand project success. The study has practical implications for construction companies and recommends theneed to look for cognitive intelligence and experience in hardcore management skills to recruitemotionally intelligent managers which result in project success.
Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Project Success, Transformational Leadership




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