Vol (15), Issue (2), 2022

Advertisement Creativity Impact on the Purchase Intentions with Mediation Role of Flow Experience and Brand Awareness

Muhammad Amad , Athar Marwat & Adil Adnan

National Bank of Pakistan, Islamabad

Independent Researcher, Peshawar

Professor, IQRA National University, Peshawar

Companies invest in product design and features to attract customers. However, a creativeadvertisement would make it possible to sell products/services. Many researchers scrutinize theeffects of different ad-creativity on customer buying behavior from altered outlooks. However, thepurpose of this inquiry is to appreciate the ad-creativity and purchase intention, though, brandawareness and flow-information interaction and its effect on purchase intention. A survey hasconducted on airline consumers by convenience sampling method. Specifically, by using a selfadministeredsurvey, we collected data from 512 clients and analyze them using CFA. Empiricalresults show purchase intention predict by ad creativity, moreover, flow experience & brandawareness partially mediate the association between ad creativity & buyer purchasing. With thedynamic considerable thought in this area, this research explores relationships via creativityantecedents & purchase intentions, and also includes flow (Ad) experience & awareness of thebrand as mediators.
Keywords: Creative Advertisement, Purchase Intention, Brand Awareness, Flow Experience




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