Vol (16), Issue (1), 2023.

Impact of Social Media Advertisement on Customer Purchase Intention: A Sequential Mediation Analysis

Saroosh Tariq, Anam Tariq, Areesha Raweem, Hafsa Tahira, Jannat Amjad, Khadeeja Nauman

University of Management & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Pakistan

The commercial climate for multinational organizations has changed as an outcome of the growthof significant online businesses. Consumer interest has evolved away from traditional buyingbehaviors due to modern societal digitization. This study intends to investigate how social mediaadvertising affects consumers' intention to make a purchase while taking into account brandpreference and brand image as potential mediators. An online survey was conducted amongcustomers of a shoe retailer brand of Pakistan. The sample included 200 respondents who haveexperience of online shopping. Statistical results showed that social media advertising andconsumer purchase intentions are significantly correlated. Additionally, our analysis discovers thatbrand preference and brand image play an important mediating role in the relationship betweensocial media advertising and customers' purchase intentions. Furthermore, the study hashighlighted the significance of social media advertising strategy for gaining the best position incustomers' minds and enhancing brand perception.
Keywords: Social Media Advertising, Brand Preference, Brand Image, Customer Purchase Intention




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