Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.4, No.2


Aqal Amin Khattak1, Asia Durani2

1 MS. Scholar, Department of Management Sciences, Abasyn University, Peshawar
2 Lecturer in Department of Management Sciences, Islamia College University, Peshawar

Performance is an action, function and behaves for completion an activity by someone. Performance is not only to do job but how to do job. All organizations try to make efforts to get good image among the competitors in this global competitive age. Organizations top managers are active towards dynamic environment for the organizations long run survival. Organizations are using different kinds of strategies, skills, means and training programs to make their employees productive to achieve their goals. The best and successful organizations are those where Top management always in struggle to find such kind of skills, means, training and developing programs, which are the best to all organizations on the bases of current research which satisfy the needs, desires and expectations of their employees, that improve the performance of employees, through which they can achieve the organizations goals effectively and efficiently.
Keywords: commitment, procedural justice, training and development. Maximizing performance.




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