Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Special Issue: AiCTBM 2016

Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation with In Small Firms: Analysis of The Mediating Effects of Transformational Leadership Styles

Ali Bin Nadeem, Misbah Hassan, Sabeen Bhatti, Ali Zafar, Mahrukh Sattar

Centre of Excellence in Technology and Engineering Management

"Entrepreneurial orientation" is a term which has been used to indicate the strategies andpolicies which any organization adopts to execute some entrepreneurial actions. In order tounderstand the explicit role of entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance within smallfirms, some interlinked variables are also measured. Therefore the main purpose of the existingempirical research study is to examine the relationship of entrepreneurial orientation with thefirm performance by checking the mediating role of transformational leadership style. Data werecollected from 165 entrepreneurs who were running their small firms in Pakistan. To test thehypothesis PLS-SEM (Partial least square structural equation modeling) were used by operatingsmart PLS software. The results indicated that transformational leadership style mediated therelationship between entrepreneurial orientations. Some limitations and future directions hasbeen explained at the end of the existing research.
Keywords: PLS-SEM, Entrepreneurial orientation, transformational leadership style


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