Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Special Issue: AiCTBM 2016

Social Media Advertising: from Antecedents of Ad Click to Purchase Intention with the Moderation of Web Trust

Muhammad Ahsan Athar,

AIMS institute of management sciences Lahore Pakistan.


Purpose: Previously, studies on the social networking sites (SNS) and social networkingadvertisement (SNA) has shown their results about the online shoppers. But this study focus tocheck the antecedents of purchase intention which effects it negatively and positively, also themoderating role of ad click between antecedents and purchase intention and moderating rolewe trust between the relationship of ad click and purchase intention. The overall purpose ofthis study is to develop a conceptual foundation for investigating the customer attractionprocess in online framework. Methodology: In order to find out the effectiveness of thisrelationship we used Regression and correlation technique. Data was collected from 240respondents using social media frequently. Findings: Results indicate a positive relationshipof peer influence and quality of life with purchase intention, while negative relationship ofperceived invasiveness and privacy concern with purchase intention and ad click alsomediates in these relationships. Study also concludes that web trust also moderates therelationship of ad click and purchase intention. Implications: Managerial implications arealso discussed in this study
Keywords: Peer Influence, Perceived Invasiveness, Quality of Life, Privacy Concern, AdClick, Web Trust, Purchase Intention


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